General Conference

9th General Conference

13 – 20 April B.E. 2512 (1969)
Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia
Buddha Dhamma : A Way of Life
Noticeable feature of this conference was the resolution to have the permanent headquarters of the WFB in Thailand adopted at the General Council on 4 November B.E. 2509 (1966) that permanent headquarters of the WFB be located in Thailand for the more efficient working of the World Fellowship of Buddhists and the greater control and safety of its assets and records.  More reason in this regard were that Buddhism was the national religion of Thailand, His Majesty the King of Thailand was, by the virtue of the Constitution, the patron and defender of the Buddhist faith and the Royal Government of Thailand had consistently given substantial financial support to the WFB Secretariat.  Hence, it would be futile for the Headquarters and the Secretariat to move their offices from country to country.
In addition, among many decisions made at the conference, the worth mentioned were (1) common seal of Buddhism be distinguishing it from other religions is the Dharmacakra, shall be the universal symbol of Buddhism; (2) Visakha Celebration was left for each country to decide on the basis of local practices, and advice of the concerned Sangha. However, the WFB also had resolutions which suggested that the first full moon day of May as Buddha Day as guidance to countries needed advice from the WFB.