General Conference

12th General Conference

1 – 6 October B.E. 2521 (1978)
Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan
Buddhist Contributions to the Future
At this conference practicing of having Declaration at the end of each WFB General Conference was followed from this Conference onwards.  Since many resolutions were remained unimplemented, no resolutions with that were of (1) political nature, (2) have difficulties of implementation, and (3) no providing funds to implement to the submitted project; could be proposed to the General Conference. 

The conference had also declared B.E. 2522 (1979) as the Lumbinī Year promoting pilgrimages to Lumbinī, and to cooperate with and provide the Lumbinī Development project with funds, publicity and other means.  Moreover, all Regional Centres were requested to make efforts to propagate the Ethical Teachings of the Buddha, to educate the misled people in giving up their psychological craving for drugs and lead a useful and law-abiding life, to provide opportunities for citizens from all walks of life; as well as cooperating with the leaders of other religions to find out ways and means of solving problems of drug abuse.  It revealed that the WFB take more involvement with social concern.