General Conference

15th General Conference

26 November - 2 December B.E. 2529 (1986)
Kathmandu, Nepal
Lumbinī : A Symbol of World Peace
The conference was coincided held with the United Nations International Year of Peace.  The WFB under the leadership of the WFB President, Prof. Sanya Dharmasakti, was active in promoting positive relations with UNESCO and the UN in various projects working for peace and harmony among humankind. 

Also at this conference, a committee on Lumbinī Project was established to develop the birthplace of the Buddha.  Nevertheless, until B.E. 2533 there’s no achievement on this matter.  However, President Sanya on behalf of the WFB members and other contributing Buddhists presented a cheque in the sum of over US$160,000 to Chairman of the Lumbinī Development Trust during the 15th WFB General Conference for the building of Friendship Bridge leading from the monastic area to the Sacred Garden.