General Conference

16th General Conference

19 - 26 November B.E. 2531 (1988)
Los Angeles, USA
WFB : Unity for World Peace
This was the first time in 38 years that WFB General Conference held outside of Asia.  Regarding to the WFB application, the General Council (composed of the Heads of the delegations) informed that before an application was considered by EXCO, the Vice Presidents in the particular areas concerned were asked to review the application and subsequently submit their reports to the Executive Council Members.  The Vice Presidents undertook these investigations on their own account without reimbursement on the part of the WFB.

Regarding to amendment of Constitution, the special committee to be appointed by the President was to have terms of reference that were solicit and collect date, opinions, and recommendations from WFB constituents and other organizations; review and study it; and make recommendation to the EXCO.