General Conference

11th General Conference

20 - 25 February B.E. 2519 (1976)
Bangkok, Thailand
Role of Buddhists in Present Day Society
The conference was to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the WFB. Princess Poon, the WFB President mentioned of the significant fact on the recognition given by the United Nations (UN) which was glad to cooperate with religions for the sake of peace desired by all.  The letter of this recognition was given to the WFB President on 25 October B.E. 2518 (1975) at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Moreover, there was a recommendation to publish a special commemorative volume on the late Dr. Malalasekera (Founder of the WFB) to emphasize his practical guide as a Buddhist scholar not only in Sri Lanka alone but throughout the world.  However, it had not yet become concrete.  It was also noted that the Thai Government generously subsidized the cost of running WFB Secretariat office in Bangkok since its establishment that had saved the problem of facing financial difficulties of the WFB.