General Conference

28th General Conference

26 - 30 September B.E. 2559 (2016)
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Buddhism in Daily Life, Daily Life of Buddhists
Twenty-six years ago since the WFB family last met with each other in Seoul at the 17th WFB General Conference.  It was the first time that Buddhist of Vajarayana Sec acted as the host of the WFB General Conference.  Seoul has changed into a perfect blending of tradition and advance technology.  Jin-Gak Buddhist Order, one of the oldest denominations in South Korea, was the host of this conference which had organized it with friendly atmosphere and smooth operation.  The conference was held in conjunction with Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Jin-Gak Buddhist Order. 

Theme of the conference reminded us that the righteous conduct of life should start from individual behavior so as to spread to community level, national, and the world eventually.  We should lead our life not only for our own welfare but also for the happiness and welfare of the others as well.