General Conference

29th General Conference

5 - 9 November B.E. 2561 (2018)
Narita & Yokohama, Japan
Compassion in Action
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Japan Buddhist Federation (JBF) hosted the 2nd General Conference of The WFB right after establishment of The WFB and this time, it was the fourth time as the host of the conference.  Simultaneously with the 29th WFB General Conference were its subordinate organs’ conference and meeting – the 20th World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY) General Conference and the 11th Meeting of the World Buddhist University (WBU).

This time the WFBY had got the new President who comes from All Japan Youth Buddhist Association, Reverend Hakuga Murayama, and revised its Constitution so as to keep with the world situation and transparent administration the same as new Charter of the WBU.  Routine business and opening ceremony was held in Narita with good cooperation and unity of concerned parties that enabled successful outcome of the Conference and Meeting. 

Meanwhile, all participants had attended Ceremony of Prayer for World Peace at the Sojiji Temple in Yokohama of which a long line of lovely kindergartens waiving tiny flag to welcome all participants upon arriving at the temple.  Most Reverend Shinzan Egawa, President of JBF had presided over the prayer ceremony.  After that, the symposium on the conference theme of “Compassion in Action” convened throughout the afternoon period.  Scholars and experienced speakers provided insightful and valuable knowledge to deal with people in distress caused by natural disasters and personal problems.  Meanwhile, our Japanese Buddhist Fellow also arranged crafting, tea ceremony, and traditional supper/snacks to introduce Japanese culture and to entertain all participants as well.