Buddhist monks do not leave devotees behind

It is very kind of Venerable Fra Devashakyavamshapandita (Anil Man Sakya), Rector of the World Buddhist University (WBU), to send news of Buddhist monks’ activity during COVID-19 pandemic that reveals compassion in action of Buddhists.

Every day after resident monks of Wat Suddhivararam in Bangkok put on their PPE suit over their monk robe, put on medical mask on their faces, put on protective glasses and medical glove to be ready to go out for their ‘monk mission.’  They went out to visit and help lay devotees who are infected by the COVID-19 and being isolated in their own homes including dispatched food and medicine to their homes including check oxygen level in blood, fever and give them spiritual support.  Moreover, some temples also provide isolation shelter at the temple as well.

The monks also told that their visit in giving spiritual support is as much valuable as the food and medicine. Monks are their refuge; we help people and devotees who are facing a suffering. We help them both physically and mentally so that they will have will power to fight with the COVID-19 pandemic as the pandemic is universal without any discrimination of ethnicity, religion, and status. The overall message of the project is ‘monks do not leave devotees behind.’ 

Most Buddhist monasteries in Thailand with crematorium have been offering cremation for free of charge for COVID-19 victims and also physically help to cremate the dead bodies as there are not enough staff who give service to cremation. Moreover, these days monks are doing even more as they get out of the monastery wearing PPE and carrying anti-COVID-19 medicinal spray at their back and spray around in the communities as well as in houses of people to keep all away from the COVID-19 virus. This is indeed compassion in action one can see in Thailand during the COVID-19 crisis.