Most Venerable Phra Sudhammadhipati (Kittisara Mahathera), Assistant Abbot of Bavornnives Vihara, and Honorary President of Sirindhornrajavithyalai Foundation under the Royal Patronage, passed away

15 August
Most Venerable Phra Sudhammadhipati was a revered monk who dedicated his life for social welfare and child education.  His passing away on 15 August brought a deep sense of sadness to all Buddhists in Thailand and abroad.  He was an active monk and always rendered his kindness to everyone who asked for his assistance.  Besides providing Pali teaching, he always took care of all necessary tasks at Bavornnives Vihara, setting up many foundations for social welfare, designing and construction of temples, schools, monks quarters, and childcare regardless of race and religion.  His dedication and commitment for Buddhism and social welfare will be long remembered.