Sangharaja Kathina Ceremony in Chanthaburi Province, Thailand

13 November B.E. 2564 (2021)
On 13 November B.E. 2564 (2021) His Holiness Somdet Phra Ariyavongsagatanana, Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, had kindly granted the Sangharaja Kathina Robe to The WFB, its sub-organizations (WFBY, and WBU), the Young Buddhist Association of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage, and Sirinthornrajvithayalai Foundation Under the Royal Patronage to respectfully confer to the monks of Jaeng-pochanaram Temple in Chanthaburi Province Thailand. 

Offering of Kathina robes is consider to be one of the most meritorious deeds.  The robes must be offered to the whole Sangha, not to individuals and the Bhikkhus will decide which of the monks should receive it.  The Kathina ceremony is a tradition that begins at the end of the rain retreat at the monastery.  Laities will give the monks a new robe or donate necessity items that the monks of the temple may need.