The WFB’s spearheading the Thai Dhammaduta Movement in Commemoration and Honor of His Majesty the King of Thailand

25-27 July B.E. 2566 (2023)
Most Ven. Phra Phromsenabodi (a member of the Supreme Sangha Council of Thailand, the
7th Ecclesiastical Regional Governor and serves as the Abbot of Wat Pathumkongkar
Ratchaworawihan in Bangkok), and Mr. Phallop Thaiarry (President of The WFB and Rector
of WBU), Mr. Montian Thananart (Secretary-General), including two executives, Mr.
Jeerapat Pansakun and Ms. Naruechol Bovornphibul, with the support of the National Office
of Buddhism, together they have been instrumental in spearheading the Thai Dhammaduta
movement, a noble initiative that aims to disseminate Buddhism to the communities residing
in remote areas and among hilltribe people. The project was organized in commemoration
and honor of H.M. King Mahavajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun of Thailand’s Birth
Anniversary and held at Srisoda Temple in Chiangmai Province from 25-27 July B.E. 2566
The primary objective of this project is to promote Buddhist propagation among the hilltribe
people and aimed to provide knowledge, techniques, and skills related to the dissemination
of Buddhism, including scriptures and meditation, to 300 monks who are members of
Dhammaduta in the northern region of Thailand.
This meaningful endeavor traces its origins back to B.E. 2507 (1964) when King Bhumibhol
Adulyadej (Rama IX) extended his royal support to Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram
which 50 volunteer monks were invited to pioneer the propagation of Buddhism or
Over the years, the dedicated Dhammaduta monks have immersed themselves among 279
communities and hilltribes regions in the Provinces of Chiangmai, Chiang Rei, Mae Hong
Sorn, Tak, and Petchaboon. Their primary focus has been the propagation of Buddhism,
and they have extended their assistance in various forms. Notably, they helped establish a
bank of rice seeds, which they lent to the local communities for ploughing. The harvested
produce was then returned, ensuring a sustainable cycle for future lending in the following
As time has progressed to the present day, B.E. 2566 (2023), the monks continue their
invaluable work with even greater dedication. They not only teach the villagers about
Buddhism but also actively support the communities’ career development. Emphasizing the
cultivation of morals and ethics, they guide the people towards understanding the
significance of unity and fostering a peaceful community, all in alignment with the teachings
of Buddhism. Their efforts have significantly contributed to the betterment of the lives of
those they serve, spreading the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist tradition.