Mission of Restoring Relation with Regional Centre in Vietnam

3-5 Aug. B.E. 2566 (2023)
Mr. Phallop Thaiarry, President of The WFB and Rector of WBU, and Mr. Montian Thananart
(Secretary-General and Deputy Rector of WBU) led a delegation comprising executives from
The WFB, Mr. Henry Hien Dang (Advisor to the President and Chairperson of Standing
Committee on Unity & Solidarity), Mr. Samarn Sudto (Advisor of The WFB and WBU), Mr.
Jeeraphat Panskun and Ms. Naruechol Bovornphibul (Directors), along with Mr. Idanont
Thaiarry (Secretary-General of WFBY), and Mr. Kittitat Thaiarry (Director of WBU Office), to
Vietnam in response to an invitation from the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha. The purpose of
this visit was to restore relation between Vietnam and The WFB from 3-5 Aug. B.E. 2566
Vietnam was one of the founders and a Regional Centre of The WFB, but due to changing
circumstances, contact had been lost. During this visit, His Holiness Thich Tri Quang
extended a very warm welcome to the executives of The WFB group. To mark this
auspicious occasion, The WFB conferred the honorary titles of The WFB upon His Holiness
Thich Tri Quang as Supreme Patron, and Most Ven. Thich Thien Nhon as Ovadicariyas
(Religious Advisor).
On this momentous occasion, President and The WFB delegation humbly paid homage to
the Supreme Patriarch, and President of Sangha Council of Vietnam, while also undertaking
a courtesy visit to the University of Buddhism, and the Office of the Vietnam Buddhist
Sangha. Moreover, they had the privilege to explore the new mixed school of Theravada
and Mahayana traditions, as well as the grandest Theravada Temple in Ho Chi Minh City.
The visit was a significant step towards strengthening and re-establishing the relationship
between Vietnam and The WFB, fostering unity and solidarity among Buddhists in the
region. The bestowed honorary titles symbolize the mutual respect and collaboration
between the two organizations, furthering the cause of Buddhism and promoting goodwill
and cooperation among the global Buddhist community.