Interfaith Coalition Conference for Global Citizens (ICCGC) 2023 and Visit to Regional Centres of The WFB

20-24 August B.E. 2566 (2023)
From 20-24 August B.E. 2566 (2023), Mr. Phallop Thaiarry (President), Mr. Montian Thananart
(Secretary-General), Rev. Yoshiharu Tomatsu (EXCO Member), Most Ven. Thich Vien Ly (Advisor),
Rev. Ikuko Hibino (Advisor), Rev. Ryosho Shoji (Deputy Secretary-General and Chairperson of
Standing Committee on Humanitarian Assistance) of The WFB, and Mr. Idanont Thaiarry (Secretary-
General of WFBY) were invited to participate in the Interfaith Coalition Conference for Global
Citizens (ICCGC) 2023. This conference was jointly organized by Won-Buddhism, Ministry of Culture
& Sports, and Tourism of Korea, in collaboration with the United Religions Foundation.
During the conference, Mr. Phallop Thaiarry had delivered a Peace Message, while Mr. Montian
Thananart shared his perspective on Global Ethics, Human Rights and Sustainable Earth.
In addition to their conference activities, the delegation paid their respects to the current Prime
Dharma Master, Most Ven. Joensan, and the two former Prime Dharma Masters of Won-Buddhism -
Most Ven. Chwasan Nim and Most Ven. Kyungsan. Their presence was met with a warm and
gracious reception, during which discussions regarding the forthcoming General Conference of The
WFB were held.
During their visit, the delegation also paid homage to Most Rev. Do-jin, President of Jin-Gak
Buddhist Order, at the headquarter. Most Rev. Do-jin generously provided a meeting space for
discussions with the regional centres of The WFB in Korea, including An Sim Jeong Sa, the WFB
Korea Regional Centre, WFB KYBA-Senior, Korea Fellowship of Buddhist, Kore Buddhist Nirvana
Order, Korea Buddhist Culture Welfare Forum, and Korea Youth Buddhist Association. On the same
occasion, group of The WFB also paid respect to Most Ven. Boeb Ahn, President of An Sim Jeong Sa
as well.