President of The WFB visited Japan

8-11 October B.E. 2566 (2023)
During 8-11 October B.E. 2566 (2023), Mr. Phallop Thaiarry, President of The WFB, visited Japan.  On 9 October, he had participated at the anniversary of the founding of Reiu-in Temple where Rev. Shunan Noritake was the abbot since B.E. 2528 (1985) to the present day.  Rev. Noritake has earned international recognition as a distinguished Zen Master with the Rinzai Buddhism tradition.  This temple holds a special place among the 47 temples affiliated with the Myoshin-ji school.  The renovation of this temple took two years to be completed.   Mr. Phallop was welcomed by Rev. Masamichi Kobayashi (Director of Sojoji Temple which is the head temple of Jodo Shu Buddhist Denomination, and Vice-President of The WFB), Rev. Yoshiharu Tomatsu (Member of the Board of Japan Buddhist Federation and EXCO member of The WFB), and Rev. Ikuko Hibino (Abbot of Kayadera Temple, Advisor of The WFB, and Council Member of the World Buddhist University). 
Moreover, Mr. Jun-An Bill Chen, Mrs. Feifei He, two executives of The WFB @UNESCO, and Mr. Idanont Thaiarry (Secretary General of WFBY) also accompanied the President on this trip.  The group of The WFB also visited the temple of Rev. Hakuga Murayama, President of WFBY during this visit.