President of The WFB led the executives of The WFB paid homage to Most Ven. Somdet Phra Mahathirachan

20 Feb. B.E. 2567 (2024)
On 20 Feb. B.E. 2567 (2024) Mr. Phallop Thaiarry, President of The WFB, led a delegation of
executives of The WFB to pay homage to Most Ven. Somdet Phra Mahathirachan. Those
present were Rev. Ryosho Shoji (Deputy Secretary-General and Chairperson of Standing
Committee on Humanitarian Assistance), as well as Mr. Jun-An Bill Chen, Ms. Fei Fei He
(both executives of The WFB@UNESCO), and Mr. Kongkar Tipkeeree (Treasurer). Most Ven.
Somdet Phra Mahathirachan, a member of Thai Supreme Sangha Council, Abbot of Wat Phra
Chetupholvimolmangklaram, and Supreme Advisor of The WFB, graciously provided
recommendations regarding The WFB’s ongoing activities during the visit at the temple.