The WFB President Meeting with the High-ranking Officials in Cambodia

2nd May B.E. 2567 (2024)
On 2nd May B.E. 2567 (2024) Mr. Phallop Thaiarry, President of The WFB, along with Mr. Montian Thananart (Secretary-General), Mr. Idanont Thaiarry (Secretary General of WFBY), Mr. Kittitat Thaiarry (Director of WBU), and Mr. Morita Noritada (Advisor of The WFB) had a meeting with H.E. Yara Suos M.P. (Chairman of Commission on Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, Information and Media, Chief Strategy of Commission for External Relations of the Kingdom of Cambodia) and other high-raking Officials in Cambodia on the preparation of organizing the General Conference of The WFB in Cambodia.