31 August – 4 September B.E. 2558 (2015)
The 85th WFB Executive Council Meeting held at Chiangmai Grandview Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand from 31 August – 4 September B.E. 2558 (2015) and Study Trip to the Northern of Thailand. The Royal Thai Government has granted the Ministry of Culture, National Office of Buddhism, Crown Property Bureau of Thailand, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Government Savings Bank including Hotels, Bangkok Airways to support the Study Trip to the Northern Thailand so as to make the Honorable Guests and EXCO Members of the 85th EXCO Meeting realized the history of Buddhism, culture and tradition in Thailand.
24-25 October B.E. 2558 (2015)
The President assigned Mr. Phallop Thaiarry (Secretary-General), Mrs. Sawanee Chuensumran (Hon. Deputy Secretary General), Ms. Pensri Roungpong (Hon. Asst. Treasurer) and Mrs. Kanchana Soonsawad (EXCO Member) to attend the Fourth World Buddhist Forum held from 24 to 25 October B.E. 2558 (2015) in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China on the theme of ‘Common Vision, Common Action- Embracing Communication and Mutual Learning’. The Presidential Message was read by the Secretary-General.
3-4 October B.E. 2558 (2015)
Mr. Phallop Thaiarry, Secretary-General assigned Mrs. Sawanee Chuensumran, Hon. Deputy Secretary-General to attend the 1st Meeting of ICDV & IABU Executive Committee 2015 on the Preparation of World Vesak Day 2559 (2016) which was held in Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Ayuthaya, Thailand on 3-4 October B.E. 2558 (2015).
2 October B.E. 2558 (2015)
The World Fellowship of Buddhists and On the Path of the Buddha Foundation donated 1500 blankets to the Thai Red Cross. To help victims of cold On Friday 2 October B.E. 2558 (2015)