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August B.E. 2565 (2022)
Vice-President of The WFB, Reverend Masamichi Shodo Kobayashi, was appointed as Director General at Zojoji Temple, the head temple of the Jodo Shu Buddhist Denomination in Shiba, Tokyo, Japan in August B.E. 2565 (2022).  Jodo Shu was established in 11th century and is the most widely practiced branch of Buddhism in Japan.
15 December B.E. 2565 (2022)
the 2nd EXCO Informal Meeting was held at Meeting Room 1 of The WFB Headquarters.
The 30th General Conference of The WFB, the 21st General Conference of the WFBY, and the 12th Council Meeting of the WBU
18 October B.E. 2565 (2022)
the 98th EXCO Meeting was held in hybrid platform at the Meeting Room 1 of its Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. It was attended by EXCO Members, including most of Vice-Presidents, and Chairperson of Standing Committees.
23-25 August B.E 2565 (2022)
During 23-25 August B.E 2565 (2022) President of The WFB, assigned Mrs. Sawanee Chuensumran, Deputy Secretary-General, to represent The WFB Headquarters as a guest speakers for Leaders of Religious Relationship Training Project B.E 2565 (2022) held at Suan Dusit University in Bangkok and hosted by Department of Religions, Ministry of Culture, Thailand.
15 August B.E. 2565 (2022)
H.E. Phan Wannamethee, President of The WFB, assigned and designated Mr. Phallop Thaiarry, Vice-President and Secretary-General, to hold a meeting of pre-arrangement of organizing the 30th WFB General Conference, the 21st WFBY General Conference, and the 12th Council Meeting of the WBU at the Meeting Room 1 of The WFB Headquarters.  This year the Headquarters is the host and venue of the conferences and meeting.
5 August B.E. 2565 (2022)
Most Ven. Phra Dhammashakyavamshavisuddhi (Anil Sakya), Rector of the World Buddhist University (WBU), delivered a speech on the topic of Carbon Neutrality vs Karma Sufficiency at the Thailand Climate Action Conference on the theme of “Thailand’s Future, the Future of the World: Our Future: Our Responsibility, Our Opportunity” organized by Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand, held at Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok, Thailand.  Its opening ceremony was presided by Prime Minister of Thailand, General Prayut Chan-o-cha.
23 June B.E. 2565 (2022)
On 23 June B.E. 2565 (2022) President of The WFB had assigned 4 representatives participated via online at the hybrid meeting of Regional meeting for the Asia and the Pacific region organized by the Unit for Civil Society Partnership at UNESCO, namely Mrs. Kanchana Soonsawad (EXCO member), Dr. Thanes Sucharikul (Advisor to President), and two executive officers of The WFB Office@UNESCO Mr. Jun-An Bill Chen (Assistant Secretary-General), and Ms. Catherine Thiounn.
Currently there was the situation in Sri Lanka that made people suffering from insufficient food, petrol, and medical supplies.  The WFB Headquarters had donated THB 1,000,000  through the Thai Red Cross Society as humanitarian assistance to Sri Lanka.   Hopefully it will lessen the situation in some way.
6 July B.E. 2565 (2022)
On 6 July B.E. 2565 (2022) H.E. Mr. Arman Issetove, the newly appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Thailand visited The WFB Headquarters.
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