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B.E. 2554 (2011)
Amidst the COVID -19 pandemic the humanitarian assistance was still carried on.  It was 10 years since earthquake and tsunami happened in eastern of Japan B.E. 2554 (2011) which The WFB had provided assistance, especially in Sabusawajima Island that has not yet been recovered; it was aggravated by COVID-19 situation which assistance was diminished by days.
Besides activity that is performed in accordance with the requirement of COVID-19 widespread prevention, office of The WFB Headquarters is under renovation.  Elevator has already been installed and its museum is nearly completed.  Meanwhile, the meeting room on the 2nd floor is widening for a wider space.
30th May, 2021
On 29th May at the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Base in Bangkok, Three Majesties King and Queen of Thailand and Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendiradebyavati handed over the Royal aid to Nepal.
29 March B.E. 2564 (2021)
On 29 March B.E. 2564 (2021) H.E. Phan Wannamethee, President of The WFB, assigned Mrs. Sawanee Chuensumran, Deputy Secretary-General, attended meeting of Sub-Committee of Religion, Moral and Ethical, Art and Culture of the House of Parliament on proposing Thailand as the Center of World Meditation Practice at House of Parliament Building.  It is considered that practicing meditation will enable peace, wisdom, and cause peaceful society.  The more mediation practicing is encouraged, the more benefit to individual and society including the world at large.
8 March B.E. 2564 (2021)
On 8 March B.E. 2564 (2021) Mr. Shoko Mizutani, Director of Rissho Kosei-Kai South Asia region and Director of Rissho Kosei-Kai Bangkok, had paid a visit to The WFB Headquarters and give a book named “The Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law, and its Opening and Closing Sutras” in Thai language.
22 January B.E. 2564 (2021)
On 22 January B.E. 2564 (2021) Mr. Phan Wannamethee, President of The WFB, led the representatives of The WFB, WFBY, WBU, Rissho Kosei-Kai Bangkok, Won-Buddhism Temple in Bangkok, and its Regional Centres in Thailand to the Royal Grand Palace for cordially extended their well wishes to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for speedy recovery from ankles injuries.
23-24 February B.E. 2564 (2021)
H.E. Phan Wannamethee, President of The WFB, assigned Mrs. Kanchana Soonsawad (Executive Council Member) and Dr. Thanes Sucharikul (Advisor of The WFB) of The WFB attended the Joint Public Meetings of the Extraordinary Session of the IBC
28 January B.E. 2564 (2021)
On 28 January B.E. 2564 (2021) Mr. Phallop Thaiarry, Secretary-General of The WFB, led the group of The WFB, WFBY, WBU, and its Regional Centres in Thailand extended their well wishes to H.E. Phan Wannamethee, President of The WFB, for his 30 January birthday of 98-year gracious age.
10 December B.E. 2563 (2020)
Venerable Phra Dharma Bodhiwongse, Abbot of Thai Bodhgaya Temple and the Head Priest of India-Nepal Thai Dhammaduta, organized the recitation of the Tripitaka on 10 December B.E. 2563 (2020) at Suvarnabhumi Buddha Jayanti Temple in Samutprakarn Province.  The recitation was to make up to Buddhists who could not make their pilgrimage to the Bodhgaya in India resulted from widespread of COVID-19.
5 December B.E. 2563 (2020)
H.E. Phan Wannamethee, President of The WFB, and the Headquarters of The WFB organized the Merit Making Ceremony in Commemoration and Dedication to H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great, who was the Patron of The WFB, at The WFB Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.
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